Welcome to Bitpanda Pro

A fully regulated and EU based crypto exchange.

A secure, regulated and trusted European exchange.

Fully EU-regulated

The highest level of compliance allows Bitpanda to bring cryptocurrencies closer to traditional assets and make it more accessible.

State-of-the-art API

Integrate with our platform easily, connect trading bots and download historical market data. Place your orders via our REST and Websocket API.

Intuitive user interface

The trading interface is fully responsive and easy to use on any device, anytime and anywhere.

Industry Leading Security

Funds are safely stored in secure cold wallet solutions. Bitpanda Pro offers a safe and regulated exchange experience for retail and institutional traders.

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Trade anytime and anywhere with the Bitpanda Pro mobile app.

  • Secure and real time access to all your markets

  • All pro order types and charting tools

  • Intuitive interface

  • Trading notifications and alerts

Attractive Institutional Offer

Bitpanda Pro is trusted by many successful EU-based
companies, ranging from private banks and family offices,
to crypto ATM operators. Our team of experts
can help you to build an attractive crypto offer
for you and your clients.

Dedicated business account manager

24/7 Expert Support

Competitive fee structure


  • What is the difference between Bitpanda and Bitpanda Pro?

    Bitpanda is an easy-to-use, newbie-friendly broker service for buying and selling digital assets. Bitpanda Pro is an exchange for professionals and businesses where they can trade and connect trading bots to our API.

  • Can I log in with my existing Bitpanda account on Bitpanda Pro?

    Yes. You only need one account for all Bitpanda products. This also means that you only need to verify once. You are also able to send funds (fiat money and digital assets) from the Bitpanda platform to Bitpanda Pro.

  • Do I need to verify again on Bitpanda Pro?

    No. Bitpanda and Bitpanda Pro are connected to each other and you can use the same account for both.

  • Is Bitpanda Pro available in every country?

    Bitpanda Pro is available in a high number of countries. For further information, please see item 6 of our Bitpanda Group Terms and Conditions.

  • Can I also use British pound and US dollar to add funds to Bitpanda Pro?

    Currently, it is possible to deposit euro, Swiss franc and British pound directly to Bitpanda Pro. If you want to use USD to fund your Bitpanda Pro wallet, you may want to follow these steps:

    1. Deposit USD to Bitpanda.
    2. Buy any cryptocurrency or digital asset supported on Bitpanda Pro.
    3. Transfer it instantly and free of charge to your Bitpanda Pro wallet.

    Note: The buying and selling of cryptocurrencies comes with the risk of price fluctuation. You are aware and accept that such fluctuations may change the value of your assets while performing the aforementioned process. Bitpanda does not take any responsibility for any such fluctuations and/or losses incurred thereof.